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Obtain a professional assessment of your website, web copy, and up to 2 social media sites to help you build an audience for your book.


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Are you an Author, Speaker, Coach, Expert, or Entrepreneur who wants to know how you can get more clients, sell more books, and build your online audience?

An EFFECTIVE author platform is about more than just a pretty website. You need to have GREAT CONTENT to attract the right people who will love and share your work.

Building your author platform is the key to creating a community of raving fans who buy your books, products, and services AND share with their friends.

You can stumble through Google searches and read books about building a platform. However it can take years to produce the kind of results you are looking for.

A customized author platform assessment will help you to cut to the heart of what you need to sell more books, get more clients, and grow your audience.

This online platform assessment is for you if:

  • You have written a book -- or have plans to write a book -- and need an effective way to alert your audience about your project.
  • You've dabbled in several social media platforms, but none of them are really doing anything for your reputation.
  • You have a website and/or blog, but it doesn't quite represent you, your message, or your business.
  • You are ready to expand your audience.
  • You want a community of fans who will buy all your books and programs.
  • You need to upgrade your online presence to reflect your EXPERT status.

The assessment is designed to look at your CONTENT as the key to creating a digital footprint that cannot be ignored.

The assessment will SPECIFICALLY look at the following content:

  • Blog Posts
  • Web Page Content
  • Up to 2 social media sites
  • Sample of latest newsletter, email, OR article (choose one)

How does the assessment work?

  1. You complete a short survey.
  2. I review your responses and begin your assessment.
  3. We meet for 1-hour on the phone or Skype to discuss your results.
  4. I suggest 3 action steps to help you strengthen your author platform.

In order to participate in the assessment, you must have the following:

  1. A website/blog presence.
  2. At least one social media account set up.
  3. Be clear in knowing what you do and who you serve.

This assessment is NOT for you if:

  1. You need to build a website from scratch.
  2. You're afraid of exposing yourself on social media.
  3. You are not ready to take action on the advice you receive.

Are you ready to STEP YOUR GAME UP? Then I invite you to register for your AUTHOR PLATFORM ASSESSMENT today!

Here are what some of my other clients have to say about working with me!

RoseveraAmasa.jpb"I'm very glad that I went ahead and signed up for a session with Halona! Before my session my dream to write a book seemed too difficult, I thought it would have to remain an idea for much later in the future. After my session I gained more confidence learning from Halona's expertise. I'm excited to implement the steps in order to realize my dream of writing a series of ebooks for the women I serve. Very helpful!"  -- Rosevera Amasa, Birth Doula & Maternity Wellness Advocate



"I liked that you took time to answer my questions and didn't rush. You went beyond my expectations. I am looking forward to working with you more."  -- Trina Ademofe, Parenting Coach



AqiylahCollins"What I wasn't expecting was subtly with which she leads you to expand your creative ideas. As someone who processes intuitively (rather than logically), the class sharpened the vision and focus of my forthcoming ebook(s), and helped me to clearly see the next (physical) steps with much more clarity and certainty. Highly recommended!"                     -- Aqiylah Collins, Health Coach & Founder of Qi to Wellness