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Consultation: Author Platform Assessment

Obtain a professional assessment of your website, web copy, and up to 2 social media sites to help you build an audience for your book.


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E-Course: Easy Publicity for Authorpreneurs - How to Grow Your Business with Interviews

Are you an author -- or emerging author -- who has had trouble getting the right exposure to help you grow your business? Booking yourself on podcasts, internet radio, and livestreaming shows on apps like Blab can potentially expose you to hundreds and thousands of people who are ready to receive your message. In this 70 min audio training you will learn how to:

  1. State your message clearly and with absolute confidence
  2. Pinpoint shows that are in direct alignment with your message
  3. Craft a winning pitch
  4. Prepare for an audio/video interview that will look and sound professional



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E-Course: Plan, Write, & Publish Your Branded Ebook Series

Write an ebook series that positions you as an expert and creates new income for your business.


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Ebook: 100 Powerful Ebook Marketing Ideas

Need to freshen up your ebook marketing? Get 100 of the best ebook marketing tips from social media, to blogging, tried and true tactics.


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Ebook: Loving My Fibroids Away - A 10-Day Detox Plan

Ten days of journal questions and healthy recipes that are designed to help you learn more about your fibroids and how you can address them naturally.


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Ebook: Planning, Writing, Publishing Business Building Ebooks

Learn the steps to creating your first ebook from idea through publishing.


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Feed Your Healthy: Kitchen Wellness Conversations Telesummit

Join me, Natural Foods Chef + Women's Wellness Educator, Halona Black, as I interview 7 wellness visionaries about how they support women in making self care a priority.


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Video Tutorial: How to Create Your Kindle Ebook Using Google Docs

Learn my system for creating polished, professional ebooks you can sell on Amazon Kindle and your website.


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